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Tactical Soccer

Simple, easy to learn, highly addictive but strongly mind-challenging game concept, that used to work so well on the graph paper during boring school lessons, now available on Your iOS device, being even more fun as if it was even possible! Buy it now and try to beat Your friend or the advanced AI.

  • 9 levels of state of the art, fast response Artificial Intelligence, ranging from grades for beginners to an almost unbeatable virtual opponent (try us!)
  • two modes of playfield view, suitable for any resolution (iPad, iPhone, iPod...)
  • simple yet efficient appearance
  • easy to use menus, minimalistic high contrast graphics- three main languages (english, german, czech)
Tactical Soccer in appstore
Tactical Soccer HD in appstore


The ultimate chess for beginners AND advanced players! Chess Fortress uses one of the most promising new chess engines (Cheng3 - around 2300 ELO on an iDevice).
You may adjust the difficulty according to Your skill (100 adjustable skill levels starting from a total novice up to a skilled club player).
The app offers a backwards/forwards control buttons, which allows You to return to any point of game and try a different approach, or just to undo a last move.
The "ponder" function lets the engine AI think while You are making Your move (just like a human does).
For easy learning the main screen features a hint button (with the key icon).
Save Your game anytime for a later analysis! You may easily set up Your own chess board configuration.
Game mode for two human players also available.
Features one of the biggest board for a better orientation (no unnecessary menus).
In Analysis mode You may have any current position analyzed by the chess engine.
Enjoy the game of kings - enter our Chess Fortress!
The authors wish You lots of fun! :)

Chessfortress in appstore

Exact Matrix Solver

  • solve system of linear equations using Gauss-Jordan elimination
  • infinite precision rational numbers (solve anything using exact arithmetics!)
  • up to 10x10 matrices supported, add/remove columns/rows on the fly
  • input decimal or rational number (10.5 or 22/7 for example)
  • three display modes: decimal, rational, mixed (5/4 will be displayed as 1 1/4)
  • two matrix memory slots (A, B)
  • AxB, BxA, A+B, A-B, B-A operate on memory slots
  • 100 undo levels
  • calculate inverse matrix, adjoint matrix, determinant, trace, rank
  • standard Gaussian elimination supported as well
  • transpose
  • randomize
  • find nice integral matrices whose inverse is also integral (up to 6x6 supported) (RandInv function)
  • change cell font size or cell width
  • one-click clear with zeroes or load with identity matrix
  • easy to use
  • optimized for Retina display

Exact Matrix Solver in appstore

Pure Mod Player

Minimalistic, lightweight mod, s3m and xm module player (.it not supported)
(s3m with AdLib instruments not supported, neither is pre-1.04 xm format)

The PureModPlayer is EXTREMELY CPU and storage FRIENDLY! The app has very low power consumption (uses only native algorithms, no third-party routines or libraries!!). All imported files are compressed into an internal database, thus saving space on your device.

Main features include:

- fast, high quality mixing (up to 32 channels)
- realtime song seeking
- UTI support 
- equal power panning for best stereo experience
- device-independent volume control (amplification)
- background audio playback support
- responds to remote control events (e.g. headphone controls)
- media player info integration
- automatic pause on audio interruption (when another application plays sound, e.g. Siri)
- seamless resume after quit
- automatic song length and sub song detection (not perfect sometimes)
- customize the song names yourself
- disable BPM changes for some very old mod files manually to ensure proper playback
- up to 5 custom playlists (global shuffle mode can be toggled manually)
- pin current file for endless playback
- upload modules via iTunes (compressed zip files also supported and recommended, but only deflate method will work properly)
- automatic compression of files to save around 40% of storage space (this will take some time so patience is advised)
- two vis modes: instrument/sample text and spectrum (swipe bottom component); note that spectrum analyser may consume additional CPU time
- each module is identified using unique MD5 hash, so adding same files won't waste space on the device
- tested with up to 2.5K files (local list takes some time to load for the first time)
- no third party open source libraries used

Warning! Successfully imported files will be deleted from local device storage to save space (they will still remain in the internal app data directory).

Pure Mod Player in appstore